The bidding process

Register before placing a bid – To place a bid you need to be registered, if you are not, please here. Go to registration.

Rules: - Bids placed by you are unconditional, i.e., its a binding commitment to purchase (should you be the lot winner). Read more in the general terms and conditions. Bids placed are exclusive of the buyer's fee and VAT. The applicable percentages vary and are specified in the description of the lot.

Bidding options – There are two main ways of placing bids: ‘standard bid’, ‘auto-bid’ (automatic system bid). Click on the links below to learn more about each option.

Declaration of Solvency – A number of our lots of extreme high value request that you first issue a declaration of solvency before you place a bid. This is to ensure that the potential bidder and buyer can stand by their commitments for payment at the end of the auction avoiding frustration and disappointment all round. A declaration can be issued by your bank and should state your personal details and the limit and validity of your a certain given amount. To help you with this, we have added an indicated amount per lot where this is required. By sending us the declaration from your bank, your profile will be modified and you will gain access to the bidding process for the given lots.

Lots in the spotlight

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